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A chart of Drone Laws in California and links for people flying drones in California:

These are drone rules that apply to all states in the United States, including California, and were made by the federal government.

To fly a drone as a commercial pilot in the state of California you must comply with the requirements of FAA’s Part 107 Minor UAS Rules (Part 107), which include passing the FAA’s Aeronautical learning test to gain a Remote Pilot Certificate.

To fly a drone as a hobby in the state of California (for fun/enjoyment) you need to follow the FAA recreational model aircraft rules. One of these rules is that if your drone weighs more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams), you will have to pay $ 5 to register it here. And there are extra more rules when it comes to airspace and altitude, keeping your drone within Perspective while you are flying, And there are more rules and regulations

To fly a drone as a government agent in the state of California you can either operate under the FAA’s Part 107 Rule or get a Federal Certificate of Authorization (COA).

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State Drone Laws in California

These are drone regulations that apply to the whole state of California and were built by the California reign Legislature.

According to the California Department of Transportation also the California General Assembly, the state of California has three state-laws related to drone use.

Drone Laws in California 1st

SB 807 // 2016

This legislation giving immunity for first responders who damage a UAS that was interfering with the first responder while he or she was giving emergency services.

Drone Laws in California 2nd

AB 1680 // 2016

This law makes it a  misdeed to interfere with the activities of first responders during an emergency.

Drone Laws in California 3rd

B856 // 2015

This law prohibits the entry of any person into the airspace for the depiction or recording of a person engaged in personal, private, or family activities without permission. The law is a response to the use of UAS by the press to cover celebrities and other public figures.

Department of California Parks and Regulation (Cal. Code Reg. Title. 14, § 4351) // 2015

This state regulation has banned the use of drones in the state park’s wilderness, cultural conservation, and nature conservation. It is important to check the rules of each state park because they may have their own post rules.

Poo 925-19-32 // 2019

These rules state that no person shall operate, land, or operate a model aircraft or UAS within any park unit in the Orange Coast District (Huntington State Beach, Bolsa Chika State Beach, Crystal Cove State Park, Corona Del Mar State Beach,  Doheny State (beach), San Klemest State Beach and San Onofre State Beach).

All drone pilots operated commercially in the state of California are subject to FAA’s Part 107 regulations. Learn more about the FAA’s certification process for obtaining a commercial drone license in this free guide.

We don’t know anything about drone laws in California? Send us an email in support at uvcoach [dot] com. We try our greatest to keep this list updated, but the truth is that drone regulations in California can change year-round, and changes can be hard to keep track of, given the pace of the small unmanned aerial vehicle (SEAS) industry and how municipal governments are responding. If we miss something, please let us know

Local Drone Laws in California

These laws only apply to certain cities or divisions in California, and these rules are made by some local authorities.

Los Almitos Own – Municipal Ordinance // 2018

This city ordinance creates restrictions on drone aircraft and activities within the city.

Yoruba Linda City – Municipal Ordinance // 2017

This city ordinance prohibits drone take-offs and landings outside the visible lines of drone pilots; Among the other 25 excluding the design of the drone pilot or drone pilot; And on private property without the consent of the property owner.

City of Calabasas – Municipal Ordinance // 2017

This city ordinance empowers local authorities to enforce FAA drone regulations in violation of FAA rules. Power This city ordinance also limits how close a drone can go to a school or public event.

City of Hermosa Beach – Ordinance 16-1363 // 2016

This ordinance requires drone operators to obtain an operating permit and identification number prescribed by the City to fly a drone over Hermosa Beach. This ordinance further strengthens existing privacy laws, stating that no person may operate a drone for visual images or audio recordings or recordings of any person or private property located in Sylhet where there is a reasonable expectation of confidentiality of the individual or the real property owner of the subject. It also states that drones should not be flown 350 feet or less above ground level in the airspace covering a public school.

Sacramento division- County Code 9.36.068 // 2018

This county code prohibits drones in Sacramento County Parks from being used in specific areas or in areas that are compatible with use, without the permission of the director’s disclosure. A map of Sacramento County parks where this code applies can be found here.

San Francisco – Park Code Sec. 3.09 // 1981

This code prohibits drones in city parks without the permission of the Department of Entertainment and Parks.

Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority – law Sec. 11.01.01 // 2018

This policy prohibits the use of drones on or over every property operated by the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority. Drone pilots who are trying to operate drones here must apply for a permit. Search and rescue operations, fire protection, and law enforcement activities are not subject to this policy and do not require permission.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Lands – Rules Rule 409.4 // 2014

The policy prohibits the use of drones on or above any property operated by the Midpeninsula local Open Space District. Drones are permitted only in designated areas for such use or with written permission. It is important to note that permission is only available to commercial drone pilots at this time.

Drone Laws in California is another point is Orange County Park

This county ordinance prohibits drones from operating in some Orange County parks. Review the full list of parks here to determine if drone operations are legal in that area.

City of La Mesa – Municipal Ordinance // 2005

This city ordinance prohibits the operation of drones in any city park with or without a remote controller.

City of Malibu – Permission for filming

To operate a drone for commercial purposes, drone operators must obtain permission to shoot with the city. Most Malibu airspace is a no-fly zone under the national park airspace. However, the city may permit commercial drone operations, such as taking pictures of real estate. Information on permits and the application process can be found here.

Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority – Park Ordinance // 2018

This park ordinance prohibits the operation of drones in any park owned or operated by the authority without the permission given by the executive officer or the determining officer of the executive officer.

National Parks – Municipal Ordinance // 1984

This town ordinance prohibits the operation of drones in a city park’s pawn park unless the operation is in an area designated for use.

In addition to the local laws listed above, the National Parks Service prohibits the use of drones in all Golden Gate National Parks in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more here.

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drone laws in california

Drone Laws in California

Can a drone fly over my house or property?

The Federal Aviation Administration controls the air over your property and home and the lines do not extend to the sky.

Vic Mass, co-owner of Drone U, said: “Believe it or not, the airspace is considered public, so it’s just like your home street – where you have no right to avoid people,” Drone U co-owner Says Vic Mass.

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