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Facebook Gaming is a game streaming platform like Twitch & YouTube Gaming. Here, you can play games instantly, & join groups the ways to have fun are countless.

What is Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming welcomes you to a new world of better play. Share in the joy and fun with top streamers as they play the world’s biggest games. Here, you can also play games instantly, and also join the groups centered around everything you are interested in. Here the ways to have fun are countless. Facebook Gaming is a game streaming platform like Twitch & YouTube Gaming. It helps you created and following gaming content and is nest under the main Facebook website and app. You can also access Facebook Gaming by going to Facebook.

How Do I Make a Facebook Gaming page?

  • First, create a Gaming Video Creator Page.
  • Then, go to the Gaming Page Creator.
  • And then, Enter a name for your Page.
  • Now, select Continue.
  • Then, select Upload a Profile Picture or Skip it.
  • Next, select Upload a Cover Photo or Skip it.
  • And last, select send notifications to alert your friends about your new Page or select not now to skip this step.

How Does Facebook Gaming Work?

The app is much like the Twitch app. it gives you the power to easily access and watch the videos from your favorite streamers. From within the app, you can also comment on the streams as well as more interaction with a Facebook group. If you’re so crazy about it, you can also start streaming from within the app too.

How Do Facebook Games Make Money?

Facebook Gaming streamers earn money through methods such as donations, subscriptions, or Facebook’s on-platform currency, Facebook Gaming Stars. They can also earn by gaming sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandising, and by providing stream-related services to other content creators.

How Do You Make Money From “Facebook Gaming”

Aside from gaming as a hobby,  you might be interested in getting into streaming on Facebook to earn to make money. Like Twitch games, gamers have a chance to monetize their gameplay streams in different ways. Where there Twitch has an affiliate scheme with subs, bits, and more, but there Facebook has its Level Up Program.

In order to be eligible for this program streamers need to meet particular criteria and that include:

  • First, Having at least 100 followers on your page. 
  • Second, Streaming content for at least four hours in a 14 day period.
  • Third, Streaming on at least two days in that 14 day period.
  • Fourth, Being active for at least 14 days.
  • Fifth, Being 18 years or older.

When you met those criteria, then you can visit your Creator Dashboard and do apply for the Level Up Program. It’s worth mention that the Level Up Program isn’t available worldwide, so it’s worth checking the present list of approved regions before you get started this Level Up Program.

Once you’ve been approved to join the Level Up Program you can monetize your stream. Viewers will be capable of sending you Facebook Stars. For every Star you’re getting, Facebook will pay you USD 0.01. In order to get paid,  you need to earn at least $100 or 10,000 stars. And before you’ll also need to set up your payout settings. 

As well as, viewers of your stream can also send you animated and virtual gifts with differing Star values. Still, don’t start your Facebook Gaming career to thinking you’ll be rich in a matter of soon. 

Facebook Gaming 1

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming Broadcasting

Regular You can stream live video from Facebook, Here at PCMag have brought you many fine live shows over the years, but the software (OBS, Streamlabs, Xsplit) and the process is careless for non-professionals. Facebook Gaming is much smoother. All you actually need is your mobile device.

Who Uses Facebook Gaming?

More than 800 million people use Facebook Gaming for every month to play connected games. And, out of this, more than 90 million people are active members of Facebook Gaming Groups. According to Facebook’s internal information, 2.6 billion people use Facebook products, including Facebook, Instagram, and also Messenger, WhatsApp.

Does Facebook Gaming Pay More Than Twitch Game?

Gamers say they’re earning extra money on Facebook’s streaming platform than on Twitch and YouTube games. By its “Level Up” and partner programs, Facebook gives some of its live gamers access to multiple income streams, and creators told the Business Insider that, they’re making more money than they were on Twitch and YouTube game.

Which is Better: Twitch Gaming or Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming Has Unique Advantages, That’s for, still is not better than Twitch. However, Facebook Gaming those advantages have only played out on paper so far,  and that’s because Twitch game is too well-established as a big brand.

How Do I Make a Facebook Gaming Logo?

  • First, you choose a Gaming Logo from an extensive library of designs. There are many styles to choose from them.
  • Then, customize the logo with your team name, colors, and icon. You can also make as many changes as you like.
  • And last, click the ‘download’ button and get a logo ready to use online and offline.

Facebook Gaming on Mobile

One of the other updates Facebook has built the addition of the Facebook Gaming app. This app is designed to help for gaming enthusiasts to more easily discover content, and connect with other gamers and also play casual games too. The app is well like the Twitch app in that it gives you the power to easily access and watch videos from your favorite streamers.

Facebook Gaming is a game streaming platform like Twitch & YouTube Gaming. Here, you can play games instantly, & join groups the ways to have fun are countless. If you’re so dangling, you can also start streaming from within the app too. This also allows gamers to broadcast mobile gameplay very easily with just a few clicks. This might be a broadcast of your Call of Duty mobile gameplay, or, PUBG mobile or something more snappy. The choice is personally yours. 

This app is available for just on Android but is expected to come to iOS in the near future too. 


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