How high can a drone fly

How High Can a Drone Fly? Drone pilots say they can only fly at the most altitude of 400 feet because of FAA rules. But what do 400 feet look like? Is it adequate?

Most drones have built-in systems that prevent them from rising above certain heights.

DJI, one of the best and well-known brands of photography drones, their quadcopters reach a maximum altitude of 1500 feet. Is this a legal limit? Discussed below.

How High can a Drone Fly?

It depends on the rules in your area. For example, reported that in Europe, the maximum height is bounded by a height of 500 feet according to the law.

In the United States, you are bound to a maximum height of 400 feet, subject to somewhat stricter restrictions.

These figures are higher than your takeoff height and not higher than the sea level.

Additionally, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only allows your drone to fly as long as you maintain visual contact with it (also known as VLOS – Visual Line of the Site). If your drones go beyond the limits of visibility, it enters what is known as ‘Vision Scenes’ (BVLOS) and you can get yourself into trouble with the law. However, to overcome this limitation, you can apply for a special permit or waiver from the FAA – and possibly your local regulatory authority.

Why do I want to fly drones?

Aerial photography and videography provide a unique perspective. This type of footage used to be the domain of professional filmmakers and helicopter film crews, but now anyone can capture an astonishing sight and any previously unseen sight with a drone.

Also, great for people and businesses who are able to fly high, who need to inspect tall structures like chimney stacks and electric pylons. Drones not only save money but also eliminate the need for people to take risks on such structures!

Tips for drone flying at high altitudes

If you want to capture amazing views from above in the sky, there are a few additional points to consider:

  • Keep closed areas such as military camps and airports closed. Airports are particularly dangerous areas because manned planes are landing and landing, and you can risk a collision if you violate the minimum legal safe distance.
  • Always monitor the battery level. According to a report by Drone DJ, the battery of a drone at an altitude of 6000 feet loses about 10% of it’s power due to cold weather. You think it’s ridiculously high and your drones’ limited altitude can prevent you from such exploitation, but it’s relevant if you’re at a high point above sea level – for example, in a mountain range.
  • Keep away from crowded areas. For safety reasons, do not climb directly on top of high people. Out-of-control drones can cause serious damage to the unfortunate person or people who hit the ground.

    how high can a drone fly

    How high can a drone fly

High Altitude Drone Flying and Safety

Keep in mind that the farther you go, the more likely your drone is to face strong winds, which can push it away from your transmitter signal range. We all know what happens next if you lose control.

Furthermore, since most drones limit their maximum altitude so that they can comply with the law, you may need to block or hack your drone software in order to move to a higher position, which may void your warranty.

In general, it is very risky to go much higher than the prescribed limit and should only be done when you really need to.

The law of flying high altitude drones

In some countries, there are no clear laws stating how far you can fly your drone. If you live in the United States, the FAA caps the maximum legality up to 400 feet, but in special circumstances, you can apply for a height waiver to exceed it – for example, if you want to film at high altitudes for research purposes.

Although as a general rule of thumb, the distance beyond your line of sight should not be exceeded.

  • Stadiums and specific events

On the top of your bird, inside or around stadiums, one hour before sports’ events are also prohibited.

The stadium that is the event is you are not allowed to fly within a radius of 3 miles.

  • Sensitive airspace

According to the FAA, there are many types of restrictions that affect drones. For example, you are not allowed to fly your plane with DC’s White House protection-sensitive airspace. In fact, the whole of Washington DC granted limited drone pilots unless special permission was granted.

Critical infrastructure such as nuclear plants and hydroelectric dams are also out of range and if you try to bypass military installations/facilities, you will run into serious problems with people in uniform.

  • Wildfire and disaster sites

Image of a drone crashing during a rescue operation. Talk about a disaster. This is why the FAA has banned your inhumane aircraft from flying over fires, hurricanes,  disaster sites, and other emergency or rescue operations because you can add insult to injury by interrupting the rescue team.

  • Airport

Generally, your plane is not supposed to land near airports because your drone may collide with a large cargo or passenger plane at a low altitude. You do not have to tell us that the consequences of such conflicts can be fatal and that is why the authorities take any violation of these rules very seriously.

The FAA actually prohibits recreational drone pilots but law enforcement, government agencies, and those with remote pilot certification who follow FAA Part 107 rules may seek permission to tour airport airspace.

How high can you fly a Parrot drone?

If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider buying a parrot drone. A report from the Parrot Blog says that Bepop 2, a very popular model, can take your aerial photography or videography camera up to 328 feet in less than 20 seconds.

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how high can a drone fly

How high can a drone fly

Finally, it can be said

If you bought a drone to take your photography or videography work to the next level, you should be aware of the rules so as not to get into trouble with the long arm of the law. As with all technologies, lawmakers are struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation and how to keep up with the best legislation to protect the public, so We have a responsibility to make your drones fly as safely as possible.

You should look for a drone that can reach the ceiling at your desired height so that it performs its purpose. Even if the height capping law is in place, you can apply for a discount from the relevant authority to get the right shot or serve the best of your intended purpose.

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