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No matter what and how secret your password or credential is. It can be stolen by anyone anytime. The best practice is to regularly change your credentials. The IP address is one of those. In this article, I will show you How to Change Router IP Address.

The IP Stands for stand (Internet Protocol). Every digital device connected to the internet has a unique IP address. The router also has an IP address for connecting with the internet.

Why you should Change your Router IP Address

Out of the box, All routers come with a basic IP address. The user can use this IP to access the router login page. By changing your Router IP address you can keep more secure from anyone accessing your Router login page.

How to Change Router IP Address

Changing your Routers IP address is not so difficult you can. There are only a few steps to change your Router Ip address. Just simply follow the steps below I had mentioned in its article:

Step-1: Log into your account

Log into your account

Log into your account

Open your browser and enter the manufacturer’s default IP address, typically located on the underside of your router or within the user manual. To log in to your Router setting page using your username and password.

Step-2: Open the essential setup tab

Open the essential setup tab

Open the essential setup tab

The situation of this feature will vary by router, though it should be fairly easy to seek out on a general settings tab. On our Motorola Surfboard SGB6580 cable router, the choice is often found under Basic > Setup under the subheading Network Configuration.

Step-3: Change one (or both) of the last two numbers within the IP address

Here, you’ll want to vary one or both of the last two numbers of the IP address within the LAN IP Address field. you’ll use any integer between 1 and 254, supplying you with 64,516 possible IP combinations and making it far more difficult for somebody to guess your router’s IP address.

Click Apply and await your router to reboot

Click Apply and await your router to reboot

For instance, I changed the default IP of on my router to make certain to write down this number, as you’ll need it to urge into your settings tab once the changes become.

Step-4: Click Apply and await your router to reboot

After selecting your IP and have written your selection down someplace safe, click the Apply button and await your router to reboot. make sure the changes took effect by using your new IP to access the router settings page.

Does your IP address change when you switch WIFI?

Yes, it is, When you connect your computer or mobile to the internet using Wi-Fi. Your device will use the Routers IP address to connect with the internet.

When you switch Wi-Fi your IP address will be changed. However, you are using the same ISP. Because you are using different Routers, cables, locations, and technology.

What Happens if you Change your Router IP Address?

When you Change your Router Ip address, your Router login IP will be changed, you will be disconnected from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) but it will reconnect Immediately. However, your ISP will keep tracking your IP address.

Why has my IP address changed?

If you switch Wi-Fi or you are using a Mobile network and continue moving your IP can be changed. There is another cause to change the IP address. if your ISP changes their system configuration your IP address can be changed.

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Last Word

There are lots of reasons for changing the Router IP address. If you read this article carefully I hope you will not ask about How to Change the Router IP Address.

If you face any problem while changing your Router IP address, leave a comment below. Like this article? Share with your friends… 🙂

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