How to Scan QR Code on Android

What is a QR code? And how to scan QR code on Android? Read our full article to get answers to all these questions.

What is QR code? How to Scan QR Code on Android?

QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a kind of matrix barcode created in 1994 for the Japanese automotive industry. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains data about the item attached to it. In building, QR codes (Quick Response Code)often contain data from an identifier, locator,  or tracker that points to an application or website. A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphabetical, byte/binary, and kanji) to efficiently store data; Extensions can also be used.

The (QR)Quick Response system grew popular outside the automotive industry due to its faster readability and high storage capacity than standard UPC barcodes. Applications include product tracking, time tracking, document control, item detection, and general marketing.

QR code (Quick Response Code) consists of a black square designed on a square grid with a white background, which can be read by any imaging device like a camera and processed using a read-out – the image can be properly interpreted until the Solomon error is corrected. The required data is then removed from the patterns that are present in both the horizontal and vertical elements of the image.

How do you use the QR code?

In addition to useful information about a specific product, QR codes are used in the United States for GMO labeling as well as proximity marketing. Businesses can pick up QR codes to attract new visitors by scanning the details and pasting them on flyers and offering rewards and discounts. Businesses can automate the process of generating QR codes with the API.

How to Scan QR Code on Android?

If you are using Android version 9 or 10 then you can use QR code scanner in 3 ways.

  1. Google lens
  2. QR code scanner (Built in)
  3. QR code scanner (app)

Google Lens

You can scan the QR code on your Android phone with Google Lens. To do this,
1. First, tap on your phone’s camera app

2. Then, tap on the Google Lens icon at the top of your phone’s display.

How to Scan QR Code on Android
How to Scan QR Code on Android

3. If you can’t find the Google Lens icon, click the More option to find it.

4. You scan on your desired QR code, click on the search option when scanned

5. And if your QR code is pictured in your phone’s gallery, you’ll see a gallery icon to the left of the search option, from where you can scan your QR code.

Scan the QR code through Google Lens
Scan the QR code through Google Lens

QR code scanner (Built in)

  • As in the picture below, if your phone has the option to do so, you can scan any QR code without any third party app.

    How to Scan QR Code on Android
    How to scan qr code on android without app

QR code scanner (app)

If you use older versions than Android version 9 or 10, you need to use an app. To do this,

1. First, go to the Play Store app on your phone

2. Now, search by typing “QR Code Scanner” in the search bar. Then, download the application that has a good rating.

how to scan qr code on android device
How to scan qr code on android device

3. Once the QR Code Scanner app is downloaded, tap on the application

4. Then, tap the Allow option

5. And then, search your targeted QR code.

how to scan qr code on android mobile
How to scan qr code on android mobile

Is there any risk in scanning the QR code?

Downloading phishing or malicious software through QR codes is very rare but it is less likely. Just scan the QR codes that specify the action or expect what you scan once or see if the URL slug comes from a trusted source.

We hope you read the full article, What is QR code and How to Scan QR Code on Android? You know that easily.

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