How to turn on airdrop on Mac

Are you using an iOS mobile device or a Mac computer, Therefore Here’s how to turn on Airdrop, how to turn on airdrop on Mac, how to turn on airdrop on iPhone.

What is AirDrop?

AirDrop is a piece in the iOS and macOS that enables wireless transfer of any files between Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Aside from any photos and videos, you can also send and receive any documents, websites, locations, and any more information through this Apple service.

How Does AirDrop Work?

AirDrop uses both Bluetooth connection LE and Wi-Fi to wirelessly transfer any data. The Bluetooth connection LE manages the broadcast, discovery, and negotiation of connections, while the point-to-point Wi-Fi wireless facilitates the transfer of any data.

Just Apple devices mac, iPhone, iPad can use this feature, and they have to be near enough to each other to send and receive any file or data. If they’re beyond their Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi ranges, they can’t detect any other device. And also, you need to be logged in to your own iCloud account for AirDrop to run.

How to turn on AirDrop

While very easy to use, AirDrop may not be activated on your apple device. Because it can allow anyone to send files or data to your own personal Mac, iPhone, or iPad, AirDrop can be some security risk. If someone sent you a file or link that had bad malware, it may end up on your own apple device without you having the option to refuse it!

So, we’ll show you how to set up AirDrop on all of your Apple devices.

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How to turn on airdrop on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open your iPhone’s control center. Then, long press on the Bluetooth icon to open advanced Bluetooth connection settings on your iPhone.
  2. Then, Click AirDrop.
How to turn on airdrop on mac

How to turn on airdrop on iPhone

  1. Select “Contacts Only” or “Everyone” depending on your choice to turn on AirDrop. Now the AirDrop icon should view blue, letting you know your AirDrop is on.
How to turn on airdrop on Mac

How to turn on airdrop on Mac

How to turn on Airdrop on iPad?

  1. First, open the Settings application on your iPad
  2. Then, select “General”
  3. Then, select “AirDrop”
  4. Last, choose the discoverability option fit suited to you

How to turn on airdrop on Mac

If you’re questioning how to turn on Airdrop on Mac, you’re not alone. While AirDrop is a very easy and impressive sharing option, But Apple doesn’t surface it properly on the Mac.

Here’s how to activate AirDrop on Mac:

  1. First, open your Finder application on your Mac
  2. Then, on the left side of your window, select “AirDrop” from your Favorites section
  3. At the bottom of your window, choose the discoverability option fit suited to you
  4. Note: Selecting the “Everyone” option from this list means any Apple device in your nearness can send you any files or data. Be mindful of this while in a public place.
How to turn on airdrop on Mac

How to turn on airdrop on Mac

Why does my AirDrop not work on my iPhone?

There are some basic tips for you can have a try when your AirDrop doesn’t work on iPhone 7, iPhone 8,  iPhone X or older iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s, and this technic also works on iPad/iPod touch. First, turn off and then turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Then check your network, turn off your device’s Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi connection, and then turn them on. Force restarts your own devices.


So finally we can say, turn on airdrop is a very easy process. Hopefully,   you got understand How to turn on AirDrop, How to turn on airdrop on Mac, and How to turn on airdrop on iPhone. Thank you for your intention.

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