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How to Use Apple Watch, Here’s you can learn the including basic Apple Watch setup instructions, and useful Apple Watch tricks, and more.

How to Use Apple Watch

There’s not much in the system of physical instructions that come within the Apple Watch. So, analyze this your quick-start guide to this part of wearable tech. So, keep reading to learn, How to use Apple Watch.

First, you have to familiarize yourself with the physical device.

There are a few key parts, you have to know it.


That is the face/front of your Apple Watch. Here you can be tapping, swiping, and pressing firmly. On the display are all gesticulations the display will respond to.

Digital Crown/Home button

This is the rotating button/switch on the side of the Apple Watch (when you wear it on your left hand it’s on the right-side button ). Okay now, Press and hold the Digital Crown to use Siri, then, turn it to scroll or zoom, Now, press it to see the Watch face or Home Screen, or dual press to access the last used app.

Side button

This smooth oval button is located below the Digital Crown.
Now, press it to view the Dock (a list of recently used apps), and you can also use Apple Pay by the dual press, Now, press and hold the button to turn your Apple Watch on or off or make an emergency phone call.

Band Release buttons

These are the tiny oval buttons at the very top and bottom of the backside. These are using Apple Watch to change the band.

Optical Heart Sensor

These dots on the rear of your Apple Watch (Series 3 or earlier). And a single dot on the Apple Watch Series 4 (which also has an electrical heart sensor) that measures your heart rate.

Now, charge your Apple Watch. Grab your charging cord and charging the device here.

Next, switch on your Apple Watch and combination and set up your device.

  1. To turn on your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button till the Apple logo view in the midst of the screen.
  2. Now, pair your iPhone and Apple Watch, then follow the on-screen instructions on your iPhone and Apple Watch to complete the setup.
  3. Now, you can adjust settings, including the passcode and how you unlock your Apple Watch and wake the display, at any time using the Settings app on Apple Watch (this is a gray icon with a gear) or Watch the app on iPhone.
  4. Swipe right and left to navigate between different Watch faces(which can be changed and customized), swipe up to reveal the Control Center, then, swipe up and down to scroll it (you can also do it using by the Digital Crown), and swipe down to view your notifications.
  5. Now,  press tightly on the display to customize the current Watch face or see options inside an opened app. You’ll feel a tiny tap when successfully using this gesture.

Close apps in the dock

  1. When you want to close Apple Watch apps, you have to press the side button to reveal the Dock.
  2. Swipe left on any open apps you want to close and tap the red color “X” that is exposed to close the app.
How to Use Apple Watch
How to Use Apple Watch

10 Amazing Useful Things Your Apple Watch Could Do

How to Use Apple Watch? because You probably didn’t know it could do these 10 things as well. So, keep reading to learn, How to use Apple Watch.

1. Reverse The Display and Crown

You may already have known you can do this, but you might not have known how useful it actually is. Actually, I shared five reasons you should wear your Apple watch upside down last summertime, the biggest happening that it puts the crown in a much more comfortable location that won’t accidentally turn up your volume or won’t activate Siri.

2. Control Apple TV

The maximum family has young children, which means that things end up missing. Mainly the small remotes that Apple ships with the Apple TV. The great news is if you ever find yourself under pressure, your Apple Watch has an app for that. Just open the Remote app on your Apple Watch and you can easily swipe your way to your favorite Disney + film or Netflix.

3. Set Your Watch Ahead

When I wore an analog watch, I always had it set some minutes fast. It just made more extra sense to my brain, and it helped me get positions on time. Now, you can do similarly on your Apple Watch. Just go to the settings app on the Apple watch, then select “Clock” and scroll the digital crown to set the time shown up to 59 minutes.

4. Share Your Location by via iMessage

The Apple Watch isn’t the most suitable for sending messages, but if you’ve ever attempted to let a friend or your wife know where to join you, the great news is that your watch makes it very easy. From the iMessage communication, easily force touch the display and then select the pin option to send your location. They’ll get a message with your location on a map. It’ll even give them routes to your location.

5. Set/Fix a Reminder for When You Get Home

I’ve created no secret of my belief that Siri and the Reminders app are the greatest productivity sequence on the iPhone, and the similar is true with your watch. Easily raise the watch up, and say something like “Hey Siri, remind me to serve and feed the dog when I get home.” and She will.

6. Find Your iPhone

Let’s face it, the one & only reason some of us don’t lose our watch is that it’s on our wrist Everything else is fair game–especially our iPhone. Luckily, if you have a good Apple Watch, you can ‘ping’ your iPhone. And it will make a sound, helping you solve out which furniture you dropped it in. Just you swipe up from the bottom of the watch face and tap to the iPhone icon.

7. Identify the Background Music

Absolutely, Shazam is great, but honestly, who needs it? Siri can do the equal on your Apple Watch, just by raising your Apple watch and asking her “Hey Siri”, what song is this?” Actually, Apple purchased Shazam and baked it into iOS, which means you can get a similar effect without a separate app. By the way, it will automatically attach them to your Shazam library so you can go back later and get your favorites.

8. Unlock Your Mac

That is a lovely slick to awake up my MacBook and have it open automatically with my Apple Watch. You need no password or TouchID necessary. Well, technically, you have to make sure you’ve unlocked your Watch, and your MacBook has to have been unlocked once with your password after it started up. Later that, it’s just sit down and get to work. 

9. Take a Photo on Your iPhone

If you need to position your iPhone for a photo. And then take the photo from a distance, you can easily use your Apple Watch to observe the iPhone camera picture and take the photo.

10. Setup the Dock with Your Favorites

You can easily access the dock on your Apple Watch by pressing the side button. When you do, it will both pull up your recently used apps, or you can decide to have it pull up a list of favorites. To get the change, open the Watch app on your iPhone, then select “Dock” and keep “Favorites.” Then You can also edit the list of apps that appear, which is an actually useful way to have fast access to the ones you use most.

Apple Watch Pros and Cons

The Apple Watch Pros

1. Workout Tracking

Whether you walk, run, hike, or when you do yoga, the Apple Watch can track your workout sessions and record stats in real-time. That means displaying the distance traveled, the time passed, heart rate, speed, and the burned calories.

You can also start a workout from the Workout app manually by opening it and taking from 12 different options ( walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc.). Just follow the prompts on the screen to start a workout, and you can swipe right to pause/end it.

2. Proactive Health Monitor

The Apple Watch can track your health data. It can also monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and keep tracking of your exercise activities. And not only that. Apple Watch will also alert you if it detects irregularities in your health condition, such as an arrhythmia.

3. Sleek Design

The design has always been a necessary aspect of any Apple product, and the Apple Watch is no limitation for the design. With its interchangeable straps and rounded corners, the Apple Watch has a sporty, modern, and classy look. The Apple Watch display is sharper than other smartwatches. And the digital crown allows users to zoom or scroll without blocking the screen.

4. Large Display

Apple Watch increased the screen size of the Apple Watch Series 4. Apple Watch Series 4 increases the screen size by 30% more than the Apple Watch Series 3. And the latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch 4 and 5 models are available in the market in two sizes: 40 mm and 44 mm. The case is bigger than that of the previous Apple Watch Series 3. 

5. Ability to Send and Receive Calls

When the Apple Watch paired with an iPhone, then the Apple Watch allows you to make and receive calls (you can also use the speakerphone). 

6. Water Resistance

You can wear an Apple Watch during exercise in the rain, and You can also wear it while washing your hands, and exposure to sweat is fine. But can you take bathing or go swimming while wearing an Apple Watch?. Well, it depends. Because the Apple Watch Series 1 is splash and water-resistant but they aren’t recommended for submerging. But the Apple Watch Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5 can be used for shallow-water activities like swimming or bathing in a pool.

7. Cellular Connectivity

Stream music, send text messages, and call somebody through a data connection without the need to be connected to the iPhone.
The Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4 Both have GPS + cellular abilities.

The Apple Watch Cons

1. Price

As you may have imagined, the Apple Watch is pricey. The Apple Watch price is higher than most smartwatch brands available on the market.  

Just like with the iPhone, the Apple Watch targets the upper-middle to high-end market section. Actually, you are buying the brand, not only the product. That being said, you get what you pay for if you choose to buy an Apple Watch so, you can expect great quality and a ton of features.

2. Battery Life

Battery life is an important aspect of all kinds of electronic gadgets.
Battery life allows users to use an electronic device continuously without the need to recharge it. A completely charged Apple Watch can remain up to 18 hours, even if you use the Apple watch throughout the day.

3. Limited Compatibility

Honestly, You need to have an iPhone to set up an Apple Watch.
And you must use the Watch app on your iPhone to activate the Apple Watch, then you can set up things like Apple Pay and iCloud, and activate cellular connectivity if your watch has LTE.

The Apple Watch will only pair with an iPhone, not pair with any kind of an Android smartphone.


The Apple Watch is stylish and functional. Apple Watch is started as a fashion statement but now focused on health and wellness.
The Apple smartwatch offers workout-tracking, health monitoring, cellular connectivity.

At last, we think, How to Use Apple Watch? anyone don’t have these questions.

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