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Today we can show you, the best four methods for Merge PDF files. You can do this it on any computer using a free online PDF merger. You can also use a free app called PDF Creator on Windows, or use the built-in Preview program on Mac.

The Best Four Methods for Merge PDF Files.

  1. Online
  2. Using Windows
  3. Using Mac
  4. Using Adobe Acrobat DC

So, please read the full article for how to do Merge PDF Files.

Online to Merge PDF Files

1. First, you should go to pdfjoiner in a web browser.PDF, Joiner is a free online tool they allow you to merge multiple PDFs into a single file.

2. Then click on the UPLOAD FILES button. It’s a teal button in the mid of the page. Doing so will open a File Explorer window in Finder Windows. Then click any subfolders the PDF may be saved to.

3. Go to your PDFs’ location. Then click the folder in which your PDFs are stored on the left side of the window.

4. Select PDF files. To select many files then press and hold Ctrl on Windows. Then click the PDF files that you really want to combine. You can also combine 20 PDF files at once with PDF Joiner.

5.Then click open. It’s in the lower part-right corner of the window. Doing so will and your PDF files to begin upload quickly to the PDF Joiner. You will see all the PDFs you have uploaded in the center of the page.

  • Then click the teal button that says Upload Files to upload additional PDFs.

6. Wait for the files to finish uploading. This can take several minutes depending on how many files you’re uploading on to the PDF Joiner.

7. Click and drag the PDFs, to change the order. The order you uploaded If the PDFs are not the similar order you really want them to be merged, then you can click & drag the PDF thumbnail images to the left & right for rearranging the order of the PDFs.

8. Click JOIN FILES. Once the all files are done uploading, this option will become available below the list of uploaded files. clicking “JOIN FILES” to prompts your combined PDF to download onto your computer as a single PDF.

  • By default, you can find your downloaded files in your Downloads folder.

Using Windows to Merge PDF Files

1. First, Download the PDF Merger & Splitter.PDF Merger & Splitter is a full-free app. That put you to merge PDFs and extract pages from a PDF. You can download this PDF Merger & Splitter app for free from the Microsoft Store.

Please use the following steps to download PDF Merger & Splitter app:

  • First, click the Windows Start menu.
  • Then click the Microsoft Store icon, which matches a white shopping bag.
  • Then click Search in the upper-right corner.
  • Then type “PDF Merger & Splitter” in the search bar.
  • Then click PDF Merger & Splitter.
  • Last you click GET.

2. Open PDF Merger & Splitter app. PDF Merger & Splitter have an icon that matches a page. And you can find it in the Windows start menu, or you can click Launch in the Microsoft Store once it ending downloading.

3. Click Merge PDF. It’s the purple button in the middle of the page.

4. Click Add PDFs. It’s the first option in the higher left corner. This option exposes File Explorer and allows you to browse for PDF.

5. Navigate to the position of the PDFs you want to merge. Use File Explorer to navigate to the position of the PDFs you want to merge. Then double-click the folder the PDFs are situated in to navigate to that folder.

6. Select the PDFs and click Open. You can select more than one file at a time by holding the Ctrl button. And then click the files you want to open. Then click Open in the lower-right corner.

  • Okay right now click Add PDFs again to upload additional PDF files.
  • To changing the order of the PDFs, please click the PDF file you want to move in the list, and then click Move Up or Move Down over the list.
  • To remove a PDF, click the PDF you really want to remove and then click Remove above the list.

7. Click on the Merge PDFs. It’s in the under-right corner. This shows a save prompt that you can use to save the merged PDFs.

8. Type a name for your merged PDF. Use the place next to “Filename” to type a name for the merged PDF.

  • You can also select a position to save the file to.

9. Then click on the  Save button. This saves your PDFs as a single & Merge PDF files.

Using Mac to Merge PDF Files

1. First you Open Finder Image titled Macfinder2.png. It’s the blue and white icon with a smiley front. You can find it in your Mac’s Dock at the quarter of the screen. You can also use the Finder to browse files and folders on your Mac.

2. Go to your actual PDF files’ location. Then click the folder in which your PDF files are saved on the left side of the Finder window.

3. Open the first PDF you really want to merge in Preview. Unlike Windows, Mac comes with an application that can be used to merge PDF. You can use the Preview app for this intent. Then you should use the following steps to open a PDF in Preview.

  • Right-click a PDF file (please click with two fingers if you are using a magic mouse or trackpad ).
  • Then Hover over Open with.
  • Then click Preview.

4. Click on the View. It’s in the menu bar at the head of your Mac’s screen. A drop-down menu will appear.

5. Click on the Thumbnails. This option is viewed in the drop-down menu. You should see a window pop out of the left side of the Preview window that holds a thumbnail image of every page of the PDF

6. Right now, click and pull another PDF into the list of thumbnails. To add another PDF to the PDF you have opened in Preview, then click the PDF you actually want to add in the Finder window and pull it to the thumbnail list to the left in Preview. Drop the PDF where you want it to passing in the thumbnails.

  • To select many files, hold the Command key, and then click the files you want to select. Then pull all of them to the list of thumbnail images in Preview.
  • And you can also rearrange the pages by clicking the thumbnail images to the left and pulling them up or down.

7. Click on the File. It’s called a menu item, and it’s in the top-left corner of your Mac’s screen.

8. Okay, now click Export as PDF. It’s in the “File” drop-down menu close to the bottom.

9. Now, type a name for the merged PDF. Now use the field next to “Save as” to type a file name for the merged PDF.

10. Click on the Save. It’s in the lower-right corner of the window. It will combine your selected PDFs into one document and save them into the same folder in which the rest of the PDFs are.

Using Adobe Acrobat DC to Merge PDF Files

1. First, Open Adobe Acrobat DC. Adobe Acrobat DC Pro has a red and black icon with a white looping swoosh in the center. Adobe Acrobat DC is Adobe’s dominion (paid) PDF creation tool. Adobe Acrobat requires a subscription fee of $14.99 per month. Okay now, click the Adobe Acrobat DC in the Windows Start folder.

  • The free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has not the ability to merge PDFs.

2. Now, click Tools. It’s the second tab at the upper. Actually this displays the PDF creation tools.

3. Click on the Combine Files. It’s another option on the Tools page. It has a purple icon on the same two pages.

4. Now, click on the Add Files. It’s the blue button in the middle of the pages. This opens File Explorer on the Windows or the Finder on Mac.

5. Navigate to the position the PDFs are stored. Now use the File Explorer or Finder window to navigate to the folder the PDFs actually you want to merge are saved to.

6. Now select the PDFs you really want to merge. To select many files, press and hold the Ctrl button on Windows or Command on the Mac. Then you click the files you want to add.

7. Now click Open. It’s in the under-right corner. This is displays all the PDFs as thumbnail images in Adobe Acrobat DC.

  • To add additional PDFs, you need to click Add Files at the top of the screen.
  • You need to click and drag the thumbnail images in Adobe Acrobat DC FOR Change the order of the files.
  • To Transfer a PDF, click on the thumbnail to select it and click Remove at the top of the page.

8. Now, click Combine. It’s the blue button at the upper of the page. This combines all of the PDFs in the thumbnail list into one PDF.

9. Now, click on the File. It is at the menu bar at the top of Adobe Acrobat DC.

10. Now, click Save as. It’s in the drop-down menu under”File” in Adobe Acrobat DC.

11. Now, click a recent save location or click Choose a different folder. You can select one of the current saved locations listed, or click you can the blue button, that says Choose a different folder to select a different save location.

12.Now, type a name for the merged PDF. Then use the field next to “Filename” to type a name for the PDF.

13. Now, click on the Save. It’s in the under-right corner of the Save window. This saves the merge PDF files using the name you recently choose.

So, this was the best four ways for how to merge PDF files, If you like any-ways from that four ways for merge PDF files, please tell us why you like that method, for Merge PDF files.

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