How to Make Video Conference call on iPhone In [2022]

Can you make a conference call on iPhone? And How to Make a Video Conference Call on iPhone, also this article will find more important information about iPhone video and audio conference calls.

Can you do a conference call on iPhone?

Video conferencing has become an integral part of our daily work due to the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic all over the world and in various emergencies, office meetings, online classes, chatting with friends, and talking to distant relatives.

In this post, we will try to give complete information about how to make a video conference call on iPhone easily.

The Best 5 Video Conference App for iPhone

EZ talks meetings
Google Hangouts

1. How to Video Conference Call on iPhone via FaceTime

One of the most common ways people make video calls on the iPhone is by using the FaceTime app (Apple’s patented product).

Of the many default apps in the iPhone App Store, you don’t have to worry about downloading FaceTime.

Using the Group FaceTime feature, you can have conferences with up to 31 other people at once. At the same time, there is an easier way than the hassle of trying to get everyone in a room.

Here’s a quick step-by-step process of how to do video conferencing on an iPhone using the FaceTime application.

How to use FaceTime on iPhone

Step 1: Using the FaceTime app First, you go to your iPhone or iPad’s settings> tap FaceTime> then, use your Apple ID to use the FaceTime app and sign in. If not, launch the FaceTime app from your home screen.

Step 2: Open the FaceTime application on your iPhone or iPad> then, tap the + button> type the name, email address, or number you want to call.

Step 3: If you want to create a group call, enter more name, number, or email address> then, tap Video or Audio to start your call.

The FaceTime application can only be applied to private video conferencing calls on the iPhone. If you want to host group video conferencing on your iPhone for business, you need to use a group video conferencing app for your iPhone.

In addition to the FaceTime app, the App Store has a variety of apps that provide group video conferencing services. Such as Skype, Zoom, EZ talks meetings, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

“Note: The FaceTime application is only supported on iPhone Operating System (iOS) devices and iOS version 12.1.4 or later, so make sure all your participants are using a minimum, an iPhone 6S, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, or iPad Air 2.

If your participants have previous models of devices that support iOS version 12.1.4, they can still join the group FaceTime call, but only as audio participants”

2: Skype conference call on iPhone

The Skype Initial Video Meeting app has now created a new arm, especially for companies. Skype for Business lets you communicate with remote employees with just a few short clicks.

One of the best features of Skype is that it has been around for a long time. They have videos to call great art. Also, you can share screens with others on Skype. Skype works for business – laptops, tablets, iPhones, iPad Android.

How to use Skype on iPhone

First, you install Skype on your iPhone or iPad and open the app.
If you already have a Microsoft account, log in to the Skype app with a Microsoft account. If you do not have an account, log in by creating an account.

Once you’re logged in, and you’ve moved to the app’s main menu, tap “Sync contacts” if your contacts don’t appear automatically. Then, tap the “Notepad” icon at the top-right of the menu to start a new chat.
The following screenshot provides a picture to create a New Group Chat

Give the group a preferred name and tap the “arrow” icon.

Now, go to your contacts and select what you want to add. Alternatively, you can let people search by their Skype username. Once you have selected your group participants, tap “Done”.

Then, Skype will create a new group chat for you. Here, you can just tap on the “Video icon” to start a group video call. Group members can join at any time while the call is active.

3: How to Make a Video Conference Call on iPhone via zoom

Zoom Meetings is the best video conferencing app of our generation. With great HD quality in both the audio and video segments, Zoom ranks great among the top apps recently downloaded overall. If necessary, you can also record the Zoom meeting.

If you don’t use Zoom Cloud and still want to record meeting sessions, you can use some Zoom Meetings Record app for iOS and Android to record. Zoom Cloud Meeting can be used on Android, iOS, every other computer OS.

How to use Zoom on iPhone

Sign in to the Zoom Client on your iPad or iPhone and schedule a meeting.
Open the Zoom mobile application on the iPhone operating system (iOS).
Then, tap Settings.
Tap the meeting and enable ultrasonic proximity detection.
When you are near an available zoom room, a notification will appear showing the name of the room.
Tap Join next to your meeting topic.
Tap Join from room to join the meeting from the nearby Zoom meeting room.

4: How to Make a Video Conference Call on iPhone via ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks video meetings high compatibility across devices to gain an accurate place in the list of the best conferencing applications.

Gallery sharing, screen sharing, file sharing, and whiteboard facilities ezTalks will provide you with a non-stop video conferencing service. ezTalks Video Meeting works on both Android and iOS devices, as well as browsers, Mac, and Windows devices.

How to use ezTalks Meetings on iPhone

Download the iPhone Video Conferencing (ezTalks Meetings) app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone or iPad.
Open the application and sign up with your email address or sign in directly with your Facebook or Google Account. If you are already a member of ezTalks Meetings, you can simply enter your email address and password. You can also use a meeting ID and your name directly to join the meeting.

Before starting a meeting, make sure your camera, microphone, and speakers are on. If everything is turned on, you can invite others to join the meeting by sharing the link or meeting ID.
After entering the virtual video conferencing room, you can start meeting with others.

How to Make a Video Conference Call on iPhone via Google Hangouts

The only reason Google Hangouts Meeting is the last app on our list is that it’s a better service for friend catchups than business meetings in particular. Although it is a great video meeting application.

Google Hangout runs on iPhone, iPad, Android operating systems. This app provides audio and visual calling services with lots of options for add-ons.

How to use Google Hangouts on iPhone

Create a Google Hangouts account
Open the Google Hangouts application on your Phone
Tap the text button at the bottom of the phone screen.
Tap the Start Hangout button (which is the green button with the plus sign inside it).
If you want to chat with someone, tap that contact in the contact list. Or, tap “New Group” and add more people to your chat.
Once you’re in a chat, you can tap the video or voice buttons at the top of the screen to change that type of conversation.

Bottom Line

Can you do a conference call on iPhone? How to make a Video Conference Call on iPhone, How to Video Conference Call on iPhone via FaceTime, How to Skype conference call on iPhone,

How to use Zoom on iPhone, How to use ezTalks Meetings on iPhone, and How to use Google Hangouts on iPhone. Hopefully, you find and learn it easily from this article. Thanks for reading this full article, if you have any questions about this article please comment below.


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