What is Airplane Mode and Why use Airplane Mode?

What is airplane mode? And you can learn why you need to use airplane mode from this article.

What is airplane mode?

In short, airplane mode prevents your smartphone or tablet from connecting to a network, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. This means you will not be able to make or receive calls, send or receive messages, or browse the Internet.

You will not be able to use applications that rely on the Internet, such as social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

However, Airplane mode makes your device completely useless. But You can still view your messages and images, play games already on your phone that don’t require Internet access, and watch movies or programs and listen to previously downloaded music on your device.

But, many airlines now offer Wi-Fi on flights and cellular access could soon be on the plane? 

Why you need to keep your devices in airplane mode while traveling by airplane.

In response to this question, the Express Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was quoted as saying: Modern passenger aircraft are much more dependent on electronic communication and navigation systems operated on the basis of electromagnetic power transfer and thus they may be susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

However, if passengers want to keep the device in normal (i.e. not in airplane mode) while traveling on the plane, they must get permission from the aviation authorities.

A spokesman told the Express: “Any airline in the UK that wants to allow passengers to use electronic devices while traveling must assess the risk and safety in accordance with the rules set by the European Aviation Safety Agency.”

Most UK carriers have completed this safety examination, which means passengers can use tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and laptops, or any electronic device in airplane mode.

Because, if a device is not in airplane mode, then the electromagnetic power of your smartphone or electronics device is working. Which can cause problems with the radio power of the aircraft running properly and can cause problems in controlling the pilot’s insurance. So airplane mode must be kept on while traveling by plane.

The spokesman explained how certain aircraft are now equipped with Wi-Fi or voice call capabilities but nonetheless, passengers should make sure that any device is always in airplane mode.

There are other uses for airplane mode?

There is airplane mode to make sure your devices will not interfere with signals while flying. While the risk may be minimal, it is best to remove the risk altogether – especially since human safety and life are at real risk.

However, there are other potential uses for flight mode outside the aircraft. Let’s show some of them.

  • Save battery life

If you forget to take your phone charger with you, turn on airplane mode. Because, if the airplane mode is on then Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, network everything is off, so your phone battery will not run out soon.

  • Charge your phone quickly

Airplane mode turns off a lot of battery drain features so that your phone only performs basic functions. It makes charging faster – ideal if you need a fast battery boost! Turn off your phone before plugging in so that it charges faster.

  • Restrictions disrupted

If you are someone who is easily confused, you can keep the airplane mode on. So that you are no longer distracted by notifications from your various social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). But, When the flight mode is on, you will not be able to make calls or SMS.

Similarly, airplane mode can be used overnight so that you are not awakened by any notification, text message, or phone call. The good thing is that your alarm clock will still work (unless it relies on the internet).

  • Make your child-friendly

If your child wants to play games or apps on your tablet or smartphone, turn it into flight mode before handing it over. This will prevent them from stumbling across disguised sites on the Internet, purchases apps that dent your bank account, or sending photos or messages to someone without your knowledge!

But, if they are old sufficient and smart enough, it is easy for them to turn off airplane mode, but it is still a good option for testing.

How to enable airplane mode

On iPhone and Android devices, you can swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom to find the aircraft-sized button. Then, tap the airplane icon.

How to enable airplane mode on the iPhone

What is airplane mode?
What is airplane mode on the iPhone

How to enable airplane mode on Android

what is airplane mode on android
What is airplane mode on android

What is airplane mode and why to use airplane mode inside and outside the aircraft, we hope you find out easily from this article.

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